Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Who needs the Amazon?

December 23, 2010 -  

I had an unexpected and very vivid “plant medicine” experience last night.  It started off with my friend (name) and I having a few drinks and going to a local strip bar.  The place was unexpectedly packed, due to the Christmas holidays and people having time off work.  It was full.  During the night, I ran into a hometown friend of mine who invited us back to his place for an after party.  So, we went.  By the time we got there, we, and most other people, were quite well into a thick buzz…just alcohol at that point…for us, anyway. 

The after party was nothing worth writing about. But, there, I did manage to get my hands on a bag of mushrooms…about six grams.  As the male to female ratio was a bit disappointing, (name) and I decided to vacate the party and walk home.  Minutes after we left, one of us or the other, suggested that we eat the mushrooms on the walk home.  I am fairly certain it was (name) who encouraged it. Or, at least, he encouraged us in eating the entire bag.  That is what we did.  We ate the entire bag of mushrooms.  I put a handful of dried psilocybe mushrooms in my mouth and just started chomping. Delicious...or not.

We decided to take the “scenic route” home.  By that, I mean a two kilometer stretch of riverside forest that runs longitudinally through Walkerton. 

The mushrooms kicked in just as we entered the forest.  If we ate an approximate three grams each, then we had a substantial dose.  Most common dosages are between one and two grams.  So, they came on strong…and fast.  It was the perfect setting for a full on mushroom experience.  We’ve had abundant snow over the past weeks, leaving a thick layer of snow on the ground and in the trees.  The sky was coloured an eerie pink, and the light from the moon reflected off the snow, lighting the forest around us. 
I was mesmerized by the trees.  They seemed to claw into the sky.  The leafless, fingerlike branches stretched toward the heavens, flaunting their awesomeness.  The forest was speaking to me.  “This is your home.  This is where you belong.  Nothing else matters.  Nature is everything.”  I communed with the spirit of my departed dog, whom is now buried in that same forest, resting in nature as I will inevitably be someday.  The forest called to me like a welcoming mother, offering me her warm embrace.  I realized that everything – all these fantasies in my mind, the big ideas I get, the need to travel to far away lands, the desire to change the course of our planetary destruction – it all means nothing.  My true nature is nature.  I felt my death soon approaching.  That could mean years from now, yet, by nature’s clock, very soon.  However, I felt comfort that, one day, my physical body will simply absorb back into the web of nature from whence it came, and I will finally rest. 

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