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A life experiment...

Journal of the Chimbre Shamanic Experience    Dan Cleland 17/12/2010 - xx/xx/xxxx

December 17, 2010

For this first of many entries, I will describe the parameters of this project, its goal, and its current status. 

This project was spawned by the management of Chimbre Shamanic Retreat, a shamanic healing center located in Peru. I was initially hired by Chimbre to act as a resident writer; to live on site in the Amazon jungle, work with the psychoactive plant medicines, and be initiated into the shamanic knowledge offered by the Chimbre’s resident shaman. All while journaling the entire experience.  Chimbre’s aim in this is to have some documentation of the Chimbre experience.  But, there is also a more personal element to it for me.  Not only will I describe the experience of living at Chimbre, I will be focusing on how the medicines and the work I do with the shaman affect my own state of being.  I will describe the more broad and impersonal experience for Chimbre’s purposes, while concurrently documenting my own personal experiences. 

The goal behind this project, from Chimbre’s perspective, is to illuminate the benefits of this shamanic work, so that others in need of this work will recognize how it can help them, and, ideally, choose to spend some time at Chimbre.  The goal behind documenting my own personal experience is to eternalize the lessons I hope to learn, to catalyze the changes that could otherwise be undone over time, and to forever have a reminder of the mind expansion I hope to endure.

Located about 30 minutes outside of Puerto Maldonado, Peru, Chimbre is still in its adolescence.  Construction began not much more than a year ago, and continues on today.  The main ceremonial structure and surrounding facilities are well finished, and quite impressive, yet local construction workers are still erecting small bungalows, boardwalks and tenting platforms in the lower lying jungles around the main center.  Even though construction is still underway, Chimbre has been accepting guests and performing much shamanic work over the past months.  As construction comes to its completion over the next couple of months, Chimbre will become a sparkling gem in the middle of the jungle, and an outstanding facility of healing for the mind, spirit, physical and ethereal bodies. 

As for me, I seem to be in a state of apparent well being.  I am not seeking to heal any major neuroses, depression, or life crises.  Ayahuasca, one of the psychoactive plant medicines that are commonly worked with at Chimbre, has been said to cure addictions.  I toy with nicotine, but I am not suffering from any major addictions, excluding a questionable periodic overindulgence in alcohol, and, even less frequently, MDMA. 
Financially, I am not a wealthy man.  However, in recent times, I have had fair luck in generating enough income to maintain a fulfilling lifestyle.  And I have several promising ventures lined up from my immediate to more distant future, therefore am not approaching this as a means of increasing my income through some divine revelation.  I am comfortable with my current position.  My life is full of excitement, passion, and fun.  I am in control of my own destiny, and my skills of manifestation have never been more effective.  I simply love the experience of life.  With that said, I believe some of this current well being, happiness and luck have come since I first worked with Ayahuasca.  I participated in only one Ayahuasca ceremony, four months ago, and can still feel the effects of the changes engrained by the medicine.  I believe, however, there is much, in terms of psychic evolution, yet to be accomplished.  And I believe working with Ayahuasca will turbo charge my progress.  For that reason, I hold much excitement and anticipation for what is to come.

On February 6, 2011, I will fly to Peru.  By February 7, I will have arrived at Chimbre to begin this exciting adventure.  Until then, my anticipation of what lies ahead will continue to excite me, and fuel my passion for life.

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